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Plantation Shutter Panel Options

Window Openings

When configuring your plantation shutters, it's important to determine the number of openings you wish to cover. Each opening will require an individual shutter or set of shutters. The drawings below can help you determine if you have a single opening containing multiple windows or separate openings.

   Single Opening Window   

One Window
= One Opening

   Divided Window   

Two Windows with Recessed Divider
= One Opening

   Two Window Openings   

Two Framed Windows
= Two Openings

   Two Windows Space Between   

Two Windows Separated by Wall Space
= Two Openings


Number of Plantation Shutter Panels

Choosing the panel configuration of your plantation shutters can be tricky, as there are so many options. The following are guidelines on choosing the best option:
  • First, determine which plantation shutters are right for you: Standard Wood, Premium Wood, PolyDesign or Stock Faux Wood
  • Measure the width of your window opening.
  • Based on the product you choose, use the least number of shutter panels possible greater than 1 panel.
    • Standard Wood: maximum panel width = 36"
    • Premium Wood: maximum panel width = 48"
    • PolyDesign: maximum panel width = 28"
    • Stock Faux Wood: maximum panel width = 39"
  •  The number of shutter panels should equal the number of vertical divisions you have in your window opening.

When choosing a shutter configuration, please keep in mind plantation shutters are designed to fit an opening. The shutter panels are movable to allow cleaning and access to the window. They are not designed to be moved and folded up against a wall routinely. The louvers are the control mechanism,  providing light, ventilation, view and privacy.

Fold Options

There are a wide variety of ways you can design your shutters to fold, depending on your window configuration, how the shutters will be used, and your personal taste. Please click here for illustrated configuration options.