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Plantation Shutter FAQ

How much do Plantation Shutters Cost?

The cost of plantation shutters varies widely by the material and the quality of the manufacturing process. 

Why would I want plantation shutters for the interior of my home?

Plantation shutters are the most elegant, cost effective and stylish window light, privacy and ventilation system available. They are a custom, built-in window accent providing maximum flexibility, insulation and control of light, privacy, ventilation using a frame with movable louvers.

What size plantation shutter louver is best for my needs?

When making your louver choice, consider the size of the window and the desired effect. The larger windows command the 3.5", 4.5" or 5.5" louvers where the view is paramount; using the 3.5" , 4.5", or 5.5" louvers, the eye naturally focuses on the view through the open louvers. The smaller windows prefer the 2.5" or possibly 3.5" louvers where the eye will more naturally "see" the shutter before observing the view.

How many panels do I need in my opening?

We recommend using the fewest panels possible to preserve your view. Please click here for more information. 

Can I fold the plantation shutters against the wall on a daily basis?

Please keep in mind plantation shutters are designed to fit an opening. The shutter panels are movable to allow cleaning and access to the window. They are not designed to be moved and folded up against a wall routinely. The louvers are the control mechanism allowing rotation to provide light, ventilation, view and privacy.

What wood do you offer?

We use Basswood or Paulownia for our wood shutters. Basswood is a North American hardwood, resists warping and shrinking. It is one of the lightest hardwoods reducing the chance of sagging in large panels. Its uniform grain pattern provides a smooth even-stained appearance. Pawlonia wood is primarily grown in Asia, and is very light, fine-grained, soft, and warp-resistant. In addition to making a beautiful shutter, Paulownia is often used for building musical instruments and surfboards.

How do I determine if I need a frame?

Frames are required for two reasons:

  1. Lack of depth in the opening to accommodate panels and unobstructed operation of the louvers.
  2. Uneven opening dimensions. Many openings have adequate depth but have uneven dimensions. For example, you measure the width at the top, middle and bottom of the opening and have a 1/4" difference. If you installed shutter panels (they are perfectly even in dimension) in this opening, you would have uneven gaps between the panels and the window jamb. The "Z" mold framing corrects uneven dimensions by providing a nice even opening for the panels to be installed.

Does wood warp and chip easily?

The choice of a quality hardwood, proper milling techniques and a high-quality finish system assures that quality interior wood shutters will not warp; and when used as intended, will not chip any easier than any other shutter material, e.g. poly or vinyl. Should a wood panel be chipped, they are easier to touch up than any other product. Don't be fooled by manufacturers who suggest wood shutters are less durable than poly or vinyl. We offer all three materials, and a quality hardwood shutter is stronger, lighter, offers the best design opportunities and is the most appealing of the materials we offer.

Can I install the shutters myself?

Most of our clients install the shutters themselves; but if you don't feel up to it, any finish carpenter will be happy to install them for you. You can budget about $2.00 to $3.00 per square foot. We'll be happy to speak with your carpenter before you order and during the installation.

How difficult is maintenance?

Plantation shutters are easily cleaned using a feather duster and a damp sponge or soft cloth. Unlike aluminum and vinyl products, there is no static charge to attract dust.

How do I measure my windows and doors?

Simple measurement of width and height is all we need for a free estimate. Please take a look at our Measuring Tutorial for detailed information.

What is a divider rail?

A divider rail is a horizontal wooden section that adds strength to the panel and an opportunity to operate the louvers above and below the divider rail independently.

What is the insulation quality of interior wood shutters?

Insulation properties are variable based on louver size and whether the louvers are open or closed. Wood is the best followed by composite and vinyl having the lowest insulation qualities. Unless you need maximum insulation protection I would make my choice to buy on quality, budget, louver size and color. The difference in thermal protection is not great enough to make it the reason to choose one over the other.

Why should I purchase plantation shutters from Legends Direct?

The purchase of plantation shutters is one you will live with for many years. We have been in the industry for 18 years, and have seen a number of companies come and go.

In our opinion, your purchase should be a combination of quality of product and price. We offer a high-quality plantation shutter that is sold internationally and sought after by designers worldwide because of the quality of the product. They know their customers will be very pleased with their plantation shutters. Ordering directly from the manufacture will save you money!