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Plantation Shutter Parts & Components

Plantation Shutter Components

Rails are the structural upper and lower parts of a plantation shutter panel. They range in height from 2" to 4-1/2" based on panel height and louver size.

Stiles are the structural right and left parts of a plantation shutter panel. They house the nylon bushing the louver rotates on. The stile width is 2" for Wood, PolyDesign and Vinyl panels.

Divider Rails are utilized to provide additional strength to a panel and allow separate operation of the louvers above and below the divider rail. Divider rails are utilized when you want to close the lower louvers for privacy and open the louvers above the divider rail for light and ventilation control.

Louvers - Legends plantation shutters offer choices of 1.25", 2.5", 3.5", 4.5" and 5.5" louvers. The louvers rotate on a pin in a bushing and are connected to a tilt rod that coordinates the louver rotation for control of light, privacy and ventilation.

Tilt Bar controls rotation of louvers in a coordinated manner for control of light, privacy and ventilation. The tilt rod is usually mounted on the center of the louver on the face of the panel. the tilt rod can be mounted to the right or left edge of the louver if desired.

Tension System is provided on custom wood shutters to adjust the louver tension to eliminate undesirable movement of louvers.