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Plantation Shutter Installation

Inside Mount Options


Direct Mount: 

Primarily used when the window jamb is wood. The wood jamb provides a solid attachment point for the hinge. It is also used when the window dimensions are fairly consistent (within 3/16").

Direct Mount Shutters   Direct Mount Shutters Photo

Indirect Mount:

Primarily used when the window jamb is drywall. It is also used when the window dimensions are inconsistent (in excess of 1/4" difference).

 Indirect Mount Shutters Inirect Mount Shutters Photo 


Utilized for inside opening mounts where the opening dimensions are uneven. The Z-Mold allows the frame to be installed in the opening square and even. The panels are square and need a consistent opening to fit properly.

 Z Mold Shutter Mount  Z Mold Shutter Mount Photo

 Outside Mount Options


Outside Mount with no window sill or trim, or just a sill: 

The hang strip is mounted to the wall on the opening.

Outside Mount Shutters  Outside Mount Shutter Photo 

Outside Mount with four-sided window trim
or three-sided trim and a sill: 

The standard hang strip is mounted directly on top of the molding.

 Outside Mount with Trim Mount Shutters on Trim 


Used when shutters need to be "projected" away from the wall or window to allow louver clearance to avoid cranks, handles, mullions, etc.

 L-Mold Shutter Mount L-Mold Shutter Mount Photo 


Used to divide large windows into smaller window segments. Also allows for projection of shutter to provide louver clearance.

T-Post Shutter Mount  T-Post Shutter Mount 

Bay Window: 

Used as a vertical mount post for typical bay window installation.

 Bay Window Shutter Mount Bay Window Shutter Mount Photo 

Corner Post: 

Common mount strip for multiple openings that meet in a corner.

 Corner Post Shutter Mount Corner Post Shutter Mount Photo